Fraud impersonating Easycash is currently rampant. Scammers might directly contact you and claim they are Easycash. They may use the following methods:

1. Double Disbursement Scam

Scammers contact users and falsely claim that Easycash has disbursed funds twice, requesting users to return the transferred amount to avoid double billing.
Beware! Easycash never asks you to return money before the due date. Double disbursement and billing are deceitful tactics used by scammers.

2. Using Easycash for prize redemption from other platforms

Scammers suggest that you download the Easycash app to claim prizes, and then they ask you to transfer loan funds from Easycash.
Be cautious! Make sure you only borrow money at your discretion, not pressured or persuaded by strangers. Easycash never cooperates with any media platform to provide rewards!

3. Requesting OTP code

Scammers use various excuses to obtain OTP codes from users.
Beware! Easycash never asks customers for OTP codes in any way. The OTP code is CONFIDENTIAL. Never share it with anyone!

4. Requesting transfers to accounts other than virtual account numbers in the Easycash App

Scammers ask users to transfer money to another account instead of the virtual account in the Easycash app. Please check regularly the Virtual Account number on the app. If you have any problem, please contact Official Easycash Customer Service immediately by email (), live chat on the app, or phone (1500866).

5. Calls from suspicious numbers

Scammers use unknown WhatsApp numbers to impersonate Easycash Customer Service.
Watch out! The number of Official Easycash Customer Service is 1500866.

6. Emails from addresses other than and

Beware of fake emails claiming to be from Easycash Customer Service.
Beware! Please pay attention to the email senders; please do not be misled only by the first name. Our official email only and!

Many scammers made fake accounts in the name of Easycash on social media. Check the official Easycash Instagram or Facebook account that has been verified.

If you encounter suspicious activities as described above, please immediately contact the official Easycash services below:
Telephone: 1500866


  1. Not sharing your OTP code or Easycash password with anyone else.
  2. Not opening suspicious links or URLs sent by parties other than Easycash official emails or number.
  3. Avoid making payments to virtual account numbers other than those listed in your Easycash account.
  4. Ensure the validity of information that you get by confirming through ,, live chat on the app, or call 1500866 to avoid scams.